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But First… (Ninja Coffee Bar)

*This is a sponsored post by NinjaKitchens. All opinions are my own!* Dustin doesn’t understand this sign…probably because he’s not a mom:P Today we are talking all about coffee…the thing that has kept moms functioning since 1671 (I found that number on the internet so it must be true!!). I will be the first to…… Continue reading But First… (Ninja Coffee Bar)

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What’s in my Fridge (+Fridge Coasters)

Have you ever wondered what the inside of our fridge looks like? I’m sure its one of life’s greatest mysteries and you are dying to find out. Probably not, but I’m going to show you today anyway… We meal plan our dinners every week so we try to only buy groceries we need for those…… Continue reading What’s in my Fridge (+Fridge Coasters)

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Valentine’s Day Treats: Cake Pops

We cannot walk into Target without Brylee immediately asking to get a cake pop from Starbucks. It’s become a tradition for us, I get a coffee and Brylee gets a cake pop and I am guaranteed five minutes of peaceful shopping through the dollar section. Mom Hack: I have learned to ask for a little cup…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Treats: Cake Pops

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Valentine’s Day Treat’s: Heart Ice Cubes

Are you getting sick of my Valentine’s Day posts yet? I hope not because they are going to keep coming for a while. It’s one of my favorite holidays! Brylee and I made some fun heart-shaped (milk) ice cubes the other day. We had so much fun. This time we just used milk and red…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Treat’s: Heart Ice Cubes

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Valentine’s Day Treat’s: Trail Mix

Brylee is super excited about Valentine’s Day this year (mostly because her favorite color is red) and she even volunteered to help me out in the kitchen creating our V-Day treats. This is such a fun and easy snack. You can basically use whatever you have in your cupboard to make it. We used m&m’s,…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Treat’s: Trail Mix