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DIY Foaming HandSoap with Essential Oils

A few days ago, Brylee helped me make some soap for in her bathroom. She just ran out so I figured it was the best time to make up some foaming hand soap using some of our essential oils from our starter kit.

Here is what you need to make your own foaming hand soap:
1. Foaming Soap Dispenser
2. 2 tablespoons Pure Castile Soap (I used the unscented Dr. Bronner’s baby soap so I could scent it how I wanted.)
3. 1 teaspoon Jojoba or Vitamin E oil (optional).
4. 10 Drops Essential Oils (I used thieves which came in the starter kit because of its cleaning abilities -you could also use lemon or lavender).
5. Filtered or Distilled water


To your soap dispenser, add the castile soap.


Then add the vitamin e/jojoba oil.


Then add 10 drops of your essential oils.


Gently swirl the bottle to combine everything.


Fill the bottle up with water. I left about an inch of room from the top. I think you are supposed to leave enough room for the dispenser not to be emerged in liquid.


This soap is so easy to make and is way less expensive than buying soap from the store (plus there aren’t any chemicals in it!). When the soap sits for a while it starts to separate (oil and water!) so you just need to gently shake it before use.

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