Getting Oily With It

A few weeks ago my family took the plunge into the Essential Oils world after contemplating it for years. Like every time I brought it up to my hubby he would roll his eyes and be like we are not going to be “those people”. Spoiler Alert-we are now “those people” and he has come over to the dark (or maybe not so dark) side. So far it has been an awesome adventure. I ordered my Young Living Premium Starter Kit after doing extensive research about different companies (their Seed to Seal Quality Commitment sold me!) and we hit the ground running. (If you choose to sign up under me make sure my Enroller number is both the Sponsor and Enroller ID section -17969676. This way I can send you some goodies to get you all set up and ready to go with your Premium starter kit. See the end of the post for more information.)


I ended up getting the starter kit with the Aria diffuser because it is GORGEOUS-and so much cheaper to order it in the starter kit than by itself!! Diffusing essential oils is totally my favorite way to use the oils so far. It makes your house smell so good without having to burn candles. The Purification oil seriously makes the bacon smell go away #sundaybrunch! *Purification doesn’t come in the Premium starter kit, I actually added it in with my initial order.


The starter kit comes with SO MANY awesome things and they just added two extra oils.


Let’s get into what all comes in the Premium Starter kit. (Any oil that is a Vitality Oil is safe for consumption! As long as the oil comes in a Vitality form it is safe for ingestion. I.E. the Thieves Vitality and the Thieves Essential Oil are both the same oil inside the bottle.)


DIGIZE Vitality: Great for Digestive Support.

PEPPERMINT Vitality: This one seriously smells like a candy cane! I add one drop to my coffee and it is amazing. I honestly want to add this to chocolate brownies the next time I make them. This one is also great for digestive support.

Lemon Vitality: I added this to some strawberry flavored water one day and it was so good. Even Brylee enjoyed it. This one can help with immune support and has antioxidant properties.

Thieves Vitality: This one smells like fall. It can help with overall wellness and support a healthy immune system. We like to diffuse this when we start feeling under the weather.

Citrus Fresh Vitality: I have to try this one in my water next. This one helps provide an internal boost!

Raven: Raven creates a cooling sensation and has a comforting aroma when applied topically to the chest and throat.

Valor: Has a woodsy grounding aroma that is great for massages.

Panaway: Panaway has a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. I use this in a roller blend with peppermint and Valor for sore muscles for my hubby after work.

Lavender: This oil is perfect for skin care and relaxing routines. We use this in a roller bottle blend for Brylee before bed. She knows to rub her feet and wrists with it. I let her pick the color and font style for her label and of course she chose the sparkly holographic one with a MLP font.

Frankincense: This oil can help maintain the appearance of radiant skin. I am so excited about this one because my hubby gets super dry skin in the winter and I can’t wait to use this on it.

Stress Away: the name pretty much says it all.

Peace and Calming: We use this one every night before bed. One night I forgot to add it to the diffuser and I literally laid in bed for ever because my brain would not shut off #100tabsopen. I finally got up to add this to the diffuser and turn it on and it helped me relax enough to fall asleep pretty quickly.


Along with the 12 oils above you also get a Thieves Household Cleaner single use packet which is enough for two 16 oz bottles. Seriously smells like fall in a bottle. It gives you a deep clean without harsh chemicals.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier- cleanses, purifies, and soothes skin, leaving a pleasant, spicy-sweet scent.

2 roller tops so you can apply oils directly to your body.

Ningxia Red: This is what I am most excited to try. It is an energy supplement made out of wolfberries. We are going to be giving up pop again soon (after we gave it up for a few years we started drinking it again) and if you ask my hubby he would probably say I need to give up coffee too but who’s asking 😛 and I think this would be a great alternative to give us that energy boost we normally get from the caffeine in pop.



I also ordered a few extra goodies on top of what came in the kit:


Christmas Spirit Oil Blend: Smells just like christmas in a bottle (more of a cinnamon smell).

Purification: Seriously gets rid of all the smells.

Lemon: If there is ever an oil you should never run out of it would be this. This is amazing at getting stickers/labels off. We bought Brylee a new pair of snow pants and the size sticker on the leg left a sticky spot. I put a little lemon EO on it and the sticky spot came right off. Plus her snowpants smelled like lemon drops. And no, the oil didn’t stain the snow pants!! You can’t even tell I used it unless you get close enough to smell the lemon-which totally smells like lemon drops!!

KidsScents Citrus Toothpaste: I ordered this for Brylee because she is almost out of her tooth paste and she needed some new stuff. We haven’t tried it yet but I will let you know how we like it once we do!

I also ordered the box of Thieves Cleaner packets. Perfect for homecoming/hostess/Galentine’s Day gifts. I will pair them with a spray bottle from my Etsy shop.

I plan on sharing a lot of essential oil recipes as I go along, including spray bottle recipes, foaming hand soap recipes, and roller bottle blends.

I also wanted to quickly mention Essential Rewards. The Essential Rewards (ER) program is an awesome program to take advantage of. There is a monthly “requirement” of 50 PV that you have to spend to maintain part of the program every month but it is easy to do just purchasing house hold items you would normally be buying at the store-this is also something you will need to do if you plan on doing the business side of YL. You can apply it towards shampoo, make up, essential oils, Thieves Cleaner, and even  . Most items are a 1:1 ratio for the wholesale $ amount to PV amount.

For example, if you order a Charcoal Bar Soap the PV and Price are the same.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 6.05.06 PM

But if you order the 10 pk of the Theives cleaner the wholesale member price is $22 and the PV is 11.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 6.09.13 PM

Also every month there are new freebies you get automatically with your order when you spend different PV amounts. Click here for the February 2019 promo.

On top of those promos, every month you are on ER you earn points back to spend on products as well as free gifts throughout the year. Click here for a graphic about those bonuses.


When you sign up to become a member (you don’t have to enroll in anything to become a member but you will get 24% off the retail price of most items unless you want to sign up for the Essential Rewards which I totally recommend!) using my sponsor information, I will send you a 16 oz amber glass bottle that you can use with the Thieves Cleaner sample that comes in the Starter Kit and 3 roller bottles with recipes that can be made out of the oils sent with your premium starter kit. *This offer is valid for US Residents only. I will also plug you into some great Facebook groups so you can learn anything and everything you ever wanted to know about essential oils.

Feel free to send me a message on here or email at Pigtailsandlattes@outlook.com if you have any questions at all on Young Living Essential Oils.


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