Brylee’s Room Tour

So I have been meaning to share Brylee’s room for a while now and I am just finally putting the finishing touches on the post.  She is still loving her washable mattress from Washabelle and I’m happy to report that even after a year of using it, it hasn’t lost any of its shape and is still as comfy as ever! I will try to post as many sources to her room as I can at the bottom of the post. If  I miss something leave me a comment and I will try to update it was best as I can!


Brylee’s bedroom is super tiny and I had rearranged it multiple times before I finally found an arrangement that worked for all of her toys (since we don’t currently have a playroom), dresser and bed.


We decided in order to maximize floor room (so she can play without having to drag all her toys into the living room) we decided everything has to go around the sides of the room.


Because sometimes you just can’t hide the junk….:P


Since her room is so tiny and we didn’t have a lot of storage for her toys, I convinced Dustin to take us to IKEA and we snagged a TROFAST storage system. BEST INVESTMENT EVER! We love it. I added some vinyl decals to all of the drawers.  Brylee’s toys are now organized and not all over the floor and she uses the top as her “store” so she can ring everything up when people are shopping.


Even thought Brylee’s closet is a “walk-in” closet it was teeeeeeeny tiny. We ended up putting her bookshelf in the closet and also bought some bins to store the rest of her toys and stuffed animals that didn’t fit in her toy box and storage system. I am able to rotate them out when she is needing “something new” because she forgets about what she has.



Brylee’s current obsession is Lego Duplo’s and we have accrued quite the collection. I am wanting to add a smaller Trofast bin so we can keep them all organized as well!


Kitchen- Kid Kraft
Play Food-Mainly Melissa and Doug Sets
Trofast Storage System- IKEA
Storage Labels- P and L Project Shop
Bed Frame- Kid Kraft
Book Shelf-IKEA
Gold Prints on the wall-ETSY no longer available
Red and Gray Wool Ball Garland- The Strand
Felt Letter Boards-Hobby Lobby– They occasionally have them 50% off so wait for a sale for a killer deal!
“I’ll Eat You Up I Love You So” canvas-Hobby Lobby (in store)
Gold and White Antelope Head-Hobby Lobby (in store)
Wooden Antelope Head-Target (old)
Red Dinosaur Tail Hook- IKEA (I’m not finding it online)
Apron and Chef Hat-Melissa and Doug
Toy Box (Chest)-HOM Furniture (old)
Red Blankets-Saranoni
Gold Dot Bedding Set-Target
Pink Blanket-Target

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