Elf On the Shelf 2017

Our Elf Rosey will be making her return appearance tomorrow morning and I finally finished our list of what she will be doing this year. If it is anything like last year though about two weeks in she will just find a new place to hide and not do any elaborate things:P You can see what our elf did last year here or you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #roseyourlittleelf for more ideas. I will try to remember to post everyday.


  1. Rosey comes with 25 books of Christmas (I still have to wrap those and do a list of them but see last years here) and a note explaining not to touch or she will lose her magic.
  2. Rosey puts snowflake cut outs all over a window.
  3. Rosey decorates the fridge like a snowman.
  4. Rosey puts candy canes on the tree (Brylee still remembers this from last year and talks about it all the time.)
  5. Rosey sits in a hot tub with marshmallow bubbles.
  6. Rosey changes from a light/curtain.
  7. Rosey makes cotton candy (national cotton candy day I believe).
  8. Rosey makes Brown ‘E’s for National Brownie Day
  9. Rosey brings donuts for breakfast-regular donuts for Brylee and “cheerio” donuts in an Altoids tin for her.
  10. Rosey plays fishing game.
  11. Rosey draws a silly picture on Brylee’s easel for her.
  12. Rosey brings a gingerbread house to decorate for national gingerbread house day
  13. Rosey Builds a marshmallow snowman
  14. Rosey puts all the ornaments back onto Brylee’s little tree in her room #kidwontkeepthemonthere!
  15. Rosey leaves Santa’s number to call the Santa Hotline
  16. Rosey hangs from the ceiling fan.
  17. Rosey brings tickets to the Christmas train while riding on Brylee’s toy train
  18. Rosey brings a new game for Family Game Night.
  19. Rosey hides in the tree. We also have a pickle ornament we hide and Brylee keeps re-hiding it for us to find #shekeepsputtingitinthesamespot
  20. Rosey turns the milk red or green.
  21. Rosey colors Brylee’s nose red…not 100% sure on that one because Brylee is a light sleeper and I’m not sure what we could use that wouldn’t get all over the sheets but not leave a permanent red mark on her nose.
  22. Rosey hides in a Christmas stocking.
  23. Rosey brings all the ingredients to make reindeer food plus the recipe
  24. Rosey brings New PJ’s and a Christmas movie to watch
  25. Rosey leaves a note that she went back to Santa and to be good all year because Santa is watching

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