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Tips For Planning a Birthday Party


I love planning Brylee’s Birthday parties, but party planning can get stressful. We had Brylee’s 4th birthday party a few weeks ago (recap coming soon) so I decided to do a quick blog post with some tips for party prep and  planning.

    I think picking a theme for the party is the funnest part. If you are stumped you can scour the internet, Pinterest, or even my Etsy Shop for some fun ideas. For Brylee’s first birthday we had it at the lake so we did a fishing/camping theme, her second was Jungle 2 Jungle, we didn’t have a big third party and her fourth birthday was “Brylee’s Trollstice” even though she insists she’s not a “Burgen” ;). I love the idea of incorporating the age into the theme of the party like “Winter ONEderland“, “Oh TWOdles“, “Taco TWOSday“, “THREE-Rex dinosaur party”, “TWO-tti Fruity”. (Those last to themes coming to the shop soon! Send me a message if you need them sooner!). If the birthday is around a holiday, like Halloween incorporate a fun Halloween theme like “GooseBumps” or “Hotel Transylvania“. There are so many fun ideas out there.IMG_8775IMG_8776
    When planning the menu, I try to think of something that goes with the theme. For a Ninja Turtles party I would probably serve pizza-I would totally go for delivery to save the stress!!, for a Tea Party-I would serve tiny sandwiches (tea party food), Frozen you could do an ice cream bar, sandwiches  “We finish each others Sandwiches”, etc. If you can’t think of something that really screams ‘obvious’ just plan what you want to eat and then think of fun ways to present it. We had “Satin and Chenille’s Subs” for Brylee’s Trollstice party and a Snake shaped Sub sandwiches for Brylee’s Jungle 2 Jungle Party. Keep it simple.img_7151

    We did subs at Brylee’s last two parties. Her second birthday they were catered from Erbert and Gerberts and saved me from having to prep everything-this is more of an expensive option but IT SAVES TIME AND STRESS! This last party, I had to wait until the day of to make up the meat and cheese tray and slice all the toppings because I didn’t want anything to get dried out. With catering you can have it delivered or run and pick it up really quick.


    Plan sides accordingly. Keep it simple. At the Trolls Party we did “Cooper’s Chips” and “King Peppy’s Popcorn” and at the Safari Birthday we had “Beetles Wings (chips)” and “Snake Eggs (green grapes)” -basically things we were going to have anyway but added a ‘fun name’ that pertained to the theme. These are what make the party fun!



    You can easily make your own birthday decorations or get them from a party supply store (even the dollar store has cheap decor-perfect place for tablecloths). If you want a more personalized banner check out Etsy. I have a lot of fun themes in my shop and I try to keep prices low with free shipping because there are enough other expensive things for your party you have to worry about. If you don’t see your theme in my shop feel free to send me a message! I would love to help create something you want!DSC_2342
    Roughly plan how you want the party to go. We usually wait for people to arrive and then play games first, after games we eat then do gifts and at the end cake and ice cream (actually we haven’t had ice cream at a party because it’s one more thing to worry about but to save time you could pre-scoop out the ice cream in little bowls, leave it in the freezer and just serve them up to whoever wants one). 


    Here are some game ideas:
    Minute to Win It Games are THE BEST for both kids and adults. We played a few at Brylee’s birthday and it was fun by all-check Pinterest out for a bunch of fun ideas.

    Here are a few game ideas:

    • Popcorn Race *this is an outside game: (We used air popped popcorn for this game because it was cheaper than microwave but use whatever you have.) For this game you will need about 20-40 cups of popped popcorn, 8 rubber bands, 8 solo cups, 4 boxes or 2 boxes and 2 garbage bags. Attach the rubber band the cups by poking two holes in the bottom of the cup.  Place equal amounts of popped popcorn into two boxes or garbage bags. Divide into 2 teams and stand in two lines. Place one box of popcorn in front of each team and place one empty box about 10 feet across from each team. Each team gets 4 cups (the first person in line gets 2 cups and the second person in line gets two cups) that they attach to their feet and place popcorn in and have to race to the other side to fill up that box-you can either fill the box or mark a line and the first team to fill up past the line wins. Once the first person goes, they give quickly take their cups off of their feet and give them to the third person in line, while the second person is “running the popcorn race”. This is a fun game because you have to try to not spill the popcorn and everyone is giggling so hard it makes it hard to not spill. (Sorry if that is confusing – Pinterest it for more detailed directions and pictures)
    • Box Puzzles: Cut the fronts off of different food boxes (cereal, instant potatoes, Popsicle’s, cake, crackers, etc). Cut each box front into 14-16 equal rectangles. Shuffle the pieces together. To play you can either play head to head or against a 1 minute timer. The first person to correctly put the “label” back together wins. We did four people head to head and then rotated the puzzles clockwise to see who the ultimate winner of them all was. This was fun by both kids and adults.
    • Oreo Challenge: Everyone places an Oreo on their forehead and has to move it to their mouth without using their hands.
    • m&m Straw challenge: you need m&m’s, straws and either plates or bowls for this one. Players have to use a straw to suck the m&ms up from one plate and transfer them to the next. To make this one challenging make sure the plates are separated by atleast 6 inches or use a bowl so they have to lift it over the side. Make sure no hands are used except to hold the straw. This is fun head to head because you start to laugh/talk and it makes it harder to suck on the straw.
    • You can find more fun ideas on Pinterest!
    If you plan on ordering anything whether decorations, catering, or the cake, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT WITH PLENTY OF TIME!!! You don’t want to wait until the week before and find out you needed to have your order three weeks prior to the shipping date. Some small shops require a week to make your order plus you have to plan on shipping time (if not you may have to pay rush processing). Usually the post office takes 3-5 days to deliver but we all know how they can be! I usually like to mental note a theme of a party a few months a head of time (who am I kidding as soon as one party is done I start thinking of the next theme) so if I am at a store and they have something for the party on sale/clearance I will snag it up to save some money!
    Before Brylee’s second birthday I found some clear beverage dispensers on clearance that I have been reusing year after year. I also found a galvanized three tiered tray and “ice bucket” that I found before her first birthday on clearance.



    Let me know any of your party planning tips in the comments below!

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