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Brylee’s Big Girl Room: Her Mattress

*This is a sponsored post by Washabelle. All opinions are my own.*

Have you ever heard of a “bed in a box”? How about a WASHABLE mattress? Or even better, a washable MEMORY FOAM mattress? If you answer is no to any/all of those, I am here today to tell you about the genius product of Washabelle– a washable memory foam mattress.


Before I begin, let’s back up the train a little bit. Brylee has co-slept with us since she was born (I know, I know, shame on us…) but ever since she was an itty bitty, I would rock her to sleep and then when I would try to lay her down, she would wake up instantly and cry. Not like cry and get over it in two minutes, but cry and work herself up to the point when she would make herself sick. So instead of fighting it, I would just let her sleep in bed with us, (basically me since Dustin works nights). About a year ago we turned her crib into a “toddler bed” hoping that she would feel like a big girl and stay in it but it didn’t make a difference. It was actually worse because she had free roam to get out of her bed. I think the mattress was just not comfortable (even though Dustin tested all of them at the store to find the one that was most comfortable when I was pregnant…:P).


I had been debating giving her a big girl room for a while, especially since we are currently renting an apartment with teeny tiny bedrooms and Brylee’s toys take up her entire room #Imissourplayroom. We talked to Brylee about it and asked her if she had a “big girl bed” if she would sleep in it. She would say “yes, with you guys too…” not exactly the answer we were hoping for. We kept talking to her about it to get her more on board with the idea, then our mattress arrived and Brylee started to get excited about her new room. Even though she was excited about it, I knew I had to make her bed feel special to her. We went to Target to get bedding and I let her pick out whatever sheet she wanted. At first she picked plain red sheets, because red is her favorite color, then a few aisles over she walked past some TMNT sheets and she HAD TO HAVE them. I figured if they got her to sleep in her own bed, then who was I to stop her from sleeping with four dudes 😛


Ok back to the mattress. It was delivered right to our door and we didn’t have to worry about carrying a huge mattress home from the store. As you can see it comes pretty compacted in a box.

As soon as you open the box there is a cutter and instruction manual placed conveniently so you can find them.


Underneath that is the mattress. Yes that is a twin memory foam mattress vacuumed sealed into a tiny box.


When we removed the mattress from the box, I half expected it to “pop” open like one of those snakes in a can. It didn’t and that is way they send the letter opener thing. We actually left it like this for a few days while we tried to figure out the bed frame situation. We contemplated building a bed for Brylee but buying one was way more convenient.


So after we searched furniture stores high and low we decided to just order a Kid Kraft bed. Once it arrived we got to work and cleared out Brylee’s room so we could put together her bed(room) and start with a fresh clean slate.



Gymnastics aside it was time to put together her bed frame.


Brylee was in charge of styrofoam clean up. She helped move them to the garbage pile outside her bedroom….until she realized you could make it snow with the tiny pieces and decided that was WAY more fun…I was vacuuming those suckers up for a week!


Whenever we build something Brylee always wants to help. Her official job title is screw holder. She will help me find the right screws and washers that need to be used and then hand them to Dustin when he is ready for them…


until she gets distracted by a YouTube video!


Eventually we got her bed frame built and then it was time to open up her new mattress!!


As soon as we opened it, it fluffed up instantly into its solid shape. We told Brylee that she CAN NOT jump on her bed once we get it all put together because A) I don’t want her to get hurt and B) I didn’t want her to break the bed frame since its slotted wood and doesn’t have a box spring.  So to compromise we told her to get all of her jumps out before we put the mattress on her bed. She probably jumped on it for a good 15 minutes.


Once she got all of her jumps out, I was able to take a closer look at the actual mattress. I had to open it up and check it out. There are a few layers to this mattress, learn more here.

The first is the top “cover” that matches the sides. It unzips completely so you can wash it.



The next two layers are memory foam that remove completely and you can WASH IN YOUR WASHING MACHINE!!


The next layer is a solid, breathable, waterproof protector pad that can be removed and washed.


Underneath the red pad is a foam base (sorry no picture) that is not machine washable. The blue and white outer cover on the side and bottom comes off and is completely washable as well!!

Plus if you ever forget the washing instructions, they are right on the label of the mattress.


Here is a closeup of the zipper. It is solid heavy-duty brass and won’t break very easily like cheaper zippers.


When we were looking for bed frames, I wanted to find one that didn’t require a box spring because A) its one more thing to move because we are #nomads and B) I didn’t want Brylee’s bed to be 5 feet in the air (because she has been known to fall out of her bed #shetakesafterhermomma #clumsy. I honestly was a little bit stressed if her mattress would actually fit into the bed because honestly that would just be my luck. But it fits perfectly! The mattress is just the right height and Brylee LOVES IT.  We all had to test out her bed just to see how comfy it really is and let me tell you they need to make queen/king sized mattresses. It is just as comfortable, if not more, than our custom-made mattress that we spent A LOT more than $400 on…JUST SAYING. I mean maybe I just need to buy to twin mattresses and put them together to make a king…Because $800 for a comfortable WASHABLE mattress is a steal!!!


So if you remember back to the beginning of this post, Brylee has issues staying in her own bed at night. This was the look I got when I told her, if she didn’t sleep in her bed, Daddy would. She did not like that response because its her bed and ONLY SHE can sleep in it. (I plan on doing another post soon with how Brylee went from fighting going to bed and having to stay in her own bed to realizing its bedtime and sleeping the entire night in her room!!)


Here are a few more pictures of her bed for your viewing pleasure!


OK now let’s get real for a second here. I am sure you are wondering, why would I want a washable mattress when I can buy a “waterproof” mattress pad. I will tell you why.

  1. Waterproof mattress pads are great, but don’t always stop everything. Plus they are not necessarily that comfortable. We have one on our bed because I had an irrational fear from when I was pregnant with Brylee that my water would break when I was sleeping and it would ruin our mattress!
  2. Waterproof mattress pads are the worst during the summer-they make you extra hot and sweaty. TMI but its the truth.
  3. Kids get sick, and if your kid is anything like Brylee, they don’t necessarily understand that they are going to throw up until it’s happening. We lost Dustin’s beloved recliner to this…I would much rather have to wash a few layers of a bed than to have to throw the entire mattress away and buy a new one.
  4. Potty accidents…Brylee is completely potty trained now and she no longer sleeps with a pull up-again more on that in a post soon. That doesn’t mean that the fear isn’t in the back of my head that an accident could happen.
  5. Pull-ups and diapers leak!

Here’s some more info about the mattress:

  • Five layers of washability
  • Designed and filled in the USA
  • Foam made in the USA
  • 101 Night Trial
    • Try it out for 101 nights in the comfort of your own home. Sleep on it. Wash it. Put it to the test. And if you don’t love it Washabelle will take it back and issue a full refund. See the trial.
  • A 10 Year Limited Warranty
    • Washabelle is built to last. Over the years and through every wash they stand behind it. Their ten year sleep well/wash well warranty backs that promise. See the warranty.
  • You can now buy Washabelle on Amazon!

I mean you have nothing to lose, except the stress of not having a washable mattress!! Check back soon for Brylee’s final room reveal.

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