Beauty Counter (Must Haves + Party Link)

(If you want to purchase from my Beauty Counter Party Make sure you are ordering from Melanie Blommel-the Consultant and choosing Allison’s Social from the list!-more info at the bottom of the post)

Have you ever heard of Beauty Counter before? I have heard about it here and there but never really paid any attention to it until my cousin (in-law) started selling it-now its like I’m seeing it everywhere!

Brylee has super sensitive skin so I have always splurged on “expensive” products to help protect her skin-but apparently some of the products I splurged on aren’t necessarily the safest. That is why Beauty Counter created “The Never List“. It’s a list of chemicals you should try to stay away from (not always feasible) that are in your everyday household beauty/hygiene products.


I have my eye on the children’s line for Brylee. (Plus I heard you can add some of the conditioner to a spray bottle with some water and turn it into a homemade detangler spray! (And did you notice if you buy the combo pack of the kids line you are basically getting one of them free?!) My cousin gave me sample of these to try and a little bit goes a long way. I am used to using like five pumps of products to get a lather and with these a tiny bit goes a long way (and the body wash makes bubbles!-perfect because I refuse to buy the “character bubble baths” from Target/Wal-Mart because I heard they can cause UTI’s-not something I am willing to chance!)


So here is probably the thing I am most excited for!! SUNSCREEN!!! I am in a few Facebook mom groups and the one question that always comes up is “What sunscreen do you use and recommend?” and guess what Beauty Counter is always one of the answers. They have a traditional cream but they also make sticks which are genious. Have you ever tried to apply sunscreen to a busy toddlers face/etc and end up getting more on you than on the kiddo?! Plus you can use your HSA to purchase this! How awesome is that!! I will be ordering one of each because I have no idea what happened to all of our sunscreen from last summer…)


Here are a few more products I am looking at getting:

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Sea Salt Spray



You can also join the Band of Beauty Membership program for $29 (a year) which basically pays for itself with the first purchase. You get free shipping on all orders over $100 (savings of $6+ a purchase), you get a 15% product credit on every order, plus with your first purchase of $50 or more (not including the membership) you get a complementary gift!


We are having a Facebook Group Party here if you want to join on Thursday June 15th at 8pm CST. Melanie will be sharing more about Beauty Counter if you want to learn more or if you have any questions. If you would like to order some products you can do so here (just make sure you choose “Allison’s” Party-no need to worry if you live out-of-town, your order will ship directly to you-shipping is flat rate under $6!) We are also doing a little giveaway: for every order over $100, you will be entered to win a free stick sunscreen. Also if you are interested in hosting your own social you can contact Melanie here.


If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below or join the Facebook social and ask away!

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