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The Best Lemonade Ever!


Lemonade is our all time favorite summertime drink. It is so versatile and you can make so many fun variations.  A few summers ago I came up with this perfect recipe and we haven’t looked back yet…

Here’s the ingredients you will need:

1 cup sugar
1 cup Realemon lemon juice (I found this was the best kind of lemon juice to add-other brands just don’t work!)
pitcher (I used this 2 qt one)
fruit for garnish

How to make: 

Combine sugar and lemon juice in pitcher. Stir to combine. Add enough water to fill the pitcher full. Stir to combine. Place in fridge and chill until cold about 2 hours. (This is another important step-the flavors meld together just right!).

Serve lemonade over ice and garnish with fruit. I used frozen strawberries and blueberries-the fruit flavors infuse into the lemonade while keeping it cold. The frozen fruit doesn’t water it down either as the melting ice would.

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