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Brylee’s Big Girl Room: Latchy Catchy

*This is a sponsored post by Latchy Catchy. All opinions are my own.*

I’m going to share with you one of my favorite inventions ever. Do you know what the loudest sound ever is? The door latch catching when your kid is sleeping. Trust me when I say that Brylee can sleep through the entire circus but as soon as I leave her room at night and that door clicks it’s all over.



Latchy Catchy sent me a some of their door latch covers and they are hashtag: all the raised hands. Seriously though the prints are adorable and I don’t have to worry about leaving any of our doors making noise when we use them. I actually stuck one on our bedroom door as well because Brylee likes to go in there during the day when Dustin is sleeping and she isn’t very quiet about it.


They have prints to match almost any decor. I got the Goldie Dots print to match Brylee’s room and the solid white for our bedroom door and the grey chevron for the master bathroom door (again because Brylee is not so quiet when she comes in these rooms while Dustin is sleeping).  For real though they have so many other cute prints, I want to get this one and this one! I mean with all the fun prints you could change them out for every holiday and have a functional yet decorative touch.



Another awesome feature of these is that you don’t actually have to turn the door knob. So you can pull or push any door open, think your interior garage door leading to your house when you are carrying 10,912,834 bags of groceries at once. Tell me I’m not the only one…


If you want to try Latchy Catchy out for yourself you can find them online here or on Amazon here, or if you are feeling lucky, enter our giveaway below for a Goldie Dots Latchy Catchy! And check back later for Brylee’s final room reveal.



One thought on “Brylee’s Big Girl Room: Latchy Catchy

  1. I have never heard of these but they seem really cool and im very intrigued by them. I would love to be a winner to get a chance to try these babies and fall in love and then get one for every door in the house. Lol oh ya and then brag to friends that my baby is never awoken due to a door anymore.

    Only one problem i see…now hubs wont know when im mad or not hahah (im usually a little loud with the door when i get ticked) lol totally kidding


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