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Working on our Alphabet (plus an exciting annoucement!)

We have been busy working on learning our alphabet over here. Brylee knows her ABC’s and can recognize all of the uppercase letters but she doesn’t know all of the lowercase ones.  She also doesn’t really know how to write them all. I made these fun letters inside of an animal to help with letter recognition. We would hang an animal letter up on her easel and then I would write the upper and lowercase of that letter. Some letters she would get right away and others I would have to draw dots so she could trace it. Brylee struggled with some of the letters but since this was one of our first times really trying to do it I think she did pretty good. Some of the pictures she even had to add some artwork. We did have to take a few breaks because she started to get a little side tracked but we pushed through and eventually did all the letters. I think we may have to do this activity again because it was such a fun one for Brylee.

Now on to the fun announcement. I have decided to start an Etsy shop and sell fun party like decor as well as projects that we do here on the blog. I will be taking custom orders if you are interested in something specific. Eventually I will be adding in vinyl decal products too. Brylee has been busy helping me create and think of fun products and we will be adding more to the shop soon. Check us out regularly as we will be updating it often. You can always find us under the “shop” tab in the menu bar! Right now you can use codes “FREESHIP” for free shipping on orders over $35 or code “NEWSHOP” for 15% off your purchase.

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