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Put Me in the Story Books

*This is a sponsored post by Put Me In The Story. All opinions are my own.*


Did you know that you can customize stories so that your kiddos are in them? (You probably do if you caught my Easter Basket Idea post). I love to give Brylee a book on every holiday and on her first Christmas, I made her a “Brylee’s Night Before Christmas” book. It is one of her favorite books-simply because it talks about her in it-and we probably read it once a week. The Easter Bunny was going to bring Brylee her a new Easter book, but apparently his hiding spot in a box under the dresser wasn’t good enough because Brylee found it:|. She asked me “Is this for me? Who is it from?” Um….good thing she can’t read the “Love, The Easter Bunny” part yet….Do you think she will forget by next Easter….


Anyway Put Me in The Story has so many cute Easter Books, I actually almost chose this one because I call Brylee “Honey Bunny” but the egg find in this one is what ultimately drew me to it. Brylee is in an “Eye Spy” kick and everywhere we go we have to play it-in the car, in the house, in every book we read. Plus the bunny has a red cap and we all know that’s Brylee’s favorite color!


The story line of this one is pretty cute too-the bunny becomes the Easter Bunny and has to deliver all the eggs across town before the sun comes up. He leaves 20 eggs for the kids to find throughout the book. I didn’t tell Brylee about finding the eggs the first time we read it because I wanted to get through the entire story without interruptions. When we got to the last page, I told her about the hidden eggs and that we had to go back and find them. It was a great way for her to work on numbers past 10.


I told Brylee that I needed to take some pictures of her reading her new Easter book and she was like “Fine, but I am going to wear my Minnie Mouse hat…”DSC_2198DSC_2217DSC_2214DSC_2213DSC_2212DSC_2211DSC_2209DSC_2208DSC_2207DSC_2206DSC_2205DSC_2204DSC_2203

If you sign up for their mailing list (at the bottom of the page): you will get 10% off your first purchase and they are always sending out amazing promo codes like $10 off hardcovers (code SUNNY) or $12 paperback books.

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