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Our New Favorite Blankets (+Giveaway)

*This is a sponsored post by Saranoni Blankets. All opinions are my own.*

Did you know that not all blankets are created equal? I thought we had some pretty nice blankets until Brylee received a blanket for both her and “Branch” her beloved stuffed animal from Saranoni Blankets. That is when I realized all of our blankets feel like sand paper compared to these (#okmaybenotthatbad-but these are SO SUPER SOFT). I was debating between ordering a bigger family sized throw for the couch since we love to snuggle under blankets when we watch movies or one that Brylee could have and treasure for years to come. I decided to go the Brylee route when I saw the red and grey lush double-sided blanket and quickly started to regret it because she will NOT share her blanket with us. It is seriously the softest coziest blanket so I don’t blame her but still… They are double layered and it has some weight to it. (I don’t know how to actually describe it but the blanket layers are heavier (thicker) and the two sides stay together as opposed to separating–when you buy one you will know what I am talking about!) I love that because I have to feel the weight of blankets on me while I sleep and this would definitely do that without needing the extra 130498234 blankets at night.

Brylee does not typically like sleeping with covers (she drives us nuts when she crawls in bed with us because she will kick all the covers off!) These blankets are the only thing that she will use now when she sleeps. When its time for bed she will run and grab her blankets and Branch, covering him up first and she will snuggle under hers.

This is Brylee’s “Quick Brylee pretend you are sleeping so I can take a picture” face.

Whenever we play games on the floor we have to put her blanket down so it will be extra soft.

To put into perspective how cozy these blankets are: when Brylee opened her package up and felt how soft they were, she stole the pillows off the couch, grabbed her blankets and covered herself and Branch up and they laid on the floor the whole afternoon.

There are so many fun colors, I need this mint/gray one and this aqua one. *Hint hint Easter Bunny** Speaking of Easter these would be great Easter basket gifts! And to make it even better, Saranoni is having an online warehouse sale this weekend. If you don’t buy a blanket from the sale, I guarantee this will be one of those “I should have bought that” moments that will haunt you! #trustme (Don’t tell Dustin but I actually ordered one of these blankets (doesn’t that swirl side look heavenly!!) and personalized it with our last name!)

And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and some of you may be feeling a little lucky, click the link below to  enter for your chance to win a $50 credit to Saranoni! (US Residents only).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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