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What’s in my Fridge (+Fridge Coasters)

Have you ever wondered what the inside of our fridge looks like? I’m sure its one of life’s greatest mysteries and you are dying to find out. Probably not, but I’m going to show you today anyway…

We meal plan our dinners every week so we try to only buy groceries we need for those dishes (plus extra fresh fruit/veggies and breakfast items). I usually freeze any leftovers we have into smaller portions for Dustin’s work lunches. We used to put the leftovers in the fridge to eat a different day of the week but we never did and they would end up going to waste. Freezing our leftovers was probably the best thing we started doing. We always have a quick meal on hand if we are ever running late or need something quick.

A few months ago I finally splurged on some storage containers and they were such a great investment. I bought three different sizes (one, two, three) to accommodate our different basic items. These work great because I can easily see what we have instead of multiple boxes everywhere inside my fridge or loose items all over.


Shelf Liner’s c/o Fridge Coaster

Here are our fridge basics:
Milk/Juice/Water Bottles
Quick Snack of some sort (juice box/yogurt pouch/apple sauce)


Random Question: Do you wash your fruit ahead of time or as you eat it? I do both depending on what it is. I usually pre-wash our grapes and put them in a container with a paper towel bottom to absorb the excess water.

Grapes Containers/Label

Usually our go-to yogurt is Greek Gods but Noosa just came out with a new apple flavor and it is AMAZING!! It tastes like apple pie! Brylee picked out Ninja Turtle (go figure!) go-gurts on our last trip. I usually always have apple sauce pouches of some sort. These are handy for on the go so somebody doesn’t get hangry…


I usually buy hard boiled eggs from Trader Joe’s when we go there but I had some egg’s that were getting old so I hard boiled those. Brylee doesn’t like hard boiled eggs (she prefers scrambled) so I usually make these for Dustin and myself. I love egg salad sandwiches!!


We always have milk on hand. When we buy chocolate milk we get Fairlife every time.


I always try to keep cold brewed coffee on hand for me. I prefer cold iced coffee over hot coffee no matter the temperature outside. On my last trip to Target, I found this Bolthouse Farm’s Mocha Cappuccino and it is amazing. I also usually try to have either Stok or Chameleon Cold Brew on hand.


We recently discovered Kids Water and we were able to try it out. It is flavored water in a juice box container. The lemonade one is so good.


We keep our basic condiments in the door of the fridge.


Hampton Creek (Just Products) are my favorite. Brylee has super sensitive skin (certain “dips” that come in contact with her skin leaves it red and blotchy) and these are the first ones that don’t do that. Plus their mayomustard, and ranch make a killer egg salad!


Did you notice those fun shelf liners under the food? They are Fridge Coaster’s. They are made out of cardboard and come in a variety of colors and designs. You can change them out with the season/holiday/or as your mood changes. I love that they are cardboard so they actually absorb any spills that may happen. The jelly container always seems to leak and don’t get me started on the syrups…I usually thaw our meat on a plate (because leakage happens) but sometimes it doesn’t fit and it drips. These absorb the drips and contain them in one spot.  Then I can throw them out and wipe the shelf instead of trying to collect all the liquid and making my fridge gross.  I can just recycle these when they get icky and replace it with a new one. I need to get more so I can change out to some fun spring colors. I love the pop of color they add to the fridge. They just make opening the fridge that much more fun!





Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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