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Valentine’s Day Treats: Cake Pops

We cannot walk into Target without Brylee immediately asking to get a cake pop from Starbucks. It’s become a tradition for us, I get a coffee and Brylee gets a cake pop and I am guaranteed five minutes of peaceful shopping through the dollar section. Mom Hack: I have learned to ask for a little cup for Brylee to hold her cake pop over. She always ends up taking one bite and half the cake pop falls on the floor. Now she knows to eat it over the cup so if it falls off she can still eat it. Anyway I made cake pops a few years ago for a Christmas goodie and everyone asked for the recipe because they were so good. I haven’t made them in forever but I figured since Brylee loves them and they are over two bucks a pop at Starbucks, I could almost make an entire “case” of them for the price of one. This was a fun project to get Brylee in on because a) its simple and b) we were making her favorite thing ever!


Here is all that you need to make them:
-Cake Mix (plus all the ingredients) or you could make a homemade one if you are fancy like that
-Frosting (again you could make homemade if you are fancy like that)
Candy Melts or Chocolate Chips (side note: I should have bought two bags of candy melts because I ran out and had to melt chocolate chips to finish the rest of the pops)
Gel Food Coloring if you want to color your candy melts or just buy the colored ones
Sucker Sticks
-Styrofoam block (I just used to cooling racks that I offset on top of each other)


Prepare and bake your cake according to the directions. I measured out everything for Brylee and let her do everything else.


And for fun a video:)



I am pretty sure at this point, Brylee informed me that we were the “best cookers ever” and that she was having so much fun…cake mix on her face and all.



Taste test to make sure it is ready for the oven.


Don’t worry these won’t be shared #toddlergerms.


I baked the cake according to the package and let it cool completely. At this point you need to crumble the entire cake. You could do it by hand but I used a mini food processor (I need a bigger one!) to make the cake a super fine texture.


Once the entire cake is crumbled, add about 1/4 of the container of frosting and combine really well. You want the cake to still have a little texture but be moist. Add more frosting if needed.


Once the mixture is ready, form into balls. I used a medium scoop but should have used a small one. Some of the pops were almost too big.


Place in the fridge for two hours or so to harden up the cake pops. You could stick in the freezer for about 15 minutes just make sure that they don’t freeze completely.

Fridge Coaster

Once your cake pops have firmed up, prepare the chocolate candy melts for the coating. I used a mason jar so I could dip the cake pop straight in and out without having to turn it around a lot.


Once your candy melts are melted you could add gel food coloring if you want. Do not add regular (water based) food coloring to your chocolate because it will seize it up and you will have to start over. Brylee wanted a red coating but since I only had water based food coloring I couldn’t color it. I think most craft stores (and maybe even Wal-Mart in the party section) sell colored candy melts options. You can add those to white to get color too.


So here is where it gets a little tricky with tiny hands helping you. It would have been 100 percent easier for me to just do it but Brylee was having so much fun and was so proud of her cake pops, so I just went with it and figured we were the only ones who would be eating them anyway…Also thats why I don’t have any pictures of these next few steps. I was trying to keep up and help her out!

For this part, dip a sucker stick in to your melted chocolate about 1/2 inch deep. Place stick into cake pop about half way being careful not to go the whole way through.  Once the chocolate hardens, carefully lower the cake pop into the chocolate and coat the entire thing. Carefully tap off the excess chocolate on the side and then stick in to a holder upright (I used two cooling racks that I offset) to let dry. They will drip more chocolate off as they harden. Before they cool completely top with sprinkles or mini chocolate chips if you would like.


Ours may not look as perfect or pretty as the ones from Starbucks (some of our chocolate cracked) but they sure tasted good. I ended up freezing most of them to take out as we needed. They freeze well but just take sure to let them thaw completely before eating.

Now if you need me, I’ll be on my way to Starbucks for one of their new molten chocolate drinks (and probably a cake pop for Brylee as well!!🙈)

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