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Valentine’s Day Craft’s: Ninja Turtle Hearts

Today is the day! The day that we are turning Brylee’s room into her Big Girl Room! I think we have everything ready for it besides a few decorations. While Brylee and I were shopping at Target a few weeks ago looking for bedding she decided on these sheets (which I just realized are on sale cheaper than when we bought them, ’tis life I guess!). Anyway, I figured we could make some fun Valentine’s Day decoration’s that would go with what she thinks is the “theme” of her room…


This is a super easy project for kids to help out with. I did all of the cutting but Brylee did most of the placing and taping.

Here is what you need:

  • construction paper (green, orange, red, blue, purple, white/pink, and black)
  • scissors
  • tape/glue


To Begin:

Fold a piece of green construction paper in half and trace out half of a heart. I just eyeballed it. Then cut along the heart outline without opening the paper up.


Once it is cut you should have a heart shape.


I used the “outer paper” from the first heart as our guide and Brylee traced three more hearts. They weren’t perfect but she was so proud of herself and it was good for her fine motor skills. I just helped hold the paper in place so they wouldn’t move on her. Plus if the pencil goes all over the page, it will just become the back of the heart.


After your hearts are all cut out, Cut out about two-inch wide strips of each of the following colors-blue, red, orange, and purple.


Glue or tape each strip into place.


Once it is glued down, trim the edges of the paper to line up with the sides of the heart. Don’t discard the scraps, they will be come the “ties” of the mask. Is that even what it is called? Bandana? Eye bandana? Eye Mask? Anyone know?!


Trim the scraps (I did about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide) and glue to the back of the mask. I asked Brylee which side she wanted them on and she would decided. Then she would help me attach them.


Minion break while I cut out the eyes.


For the eyes, I didn’t have white paper so we used pink, I figured it made them a little more girly and valentine’s festive anyway. I traced the outside of our tape roll for a somewhat perfect circle. I doubled up the paper to cut more at once but they didn’t all turn out perfect, so I would just do one at a time.


I used the inside part of the tape for the black part of the eye. Again I started with doubling it up and ended up having to redo them all singly because they didn’t cut right.


Glue the pink/white eyes onto each mask strip. Make sure your “trace lines” are on the back.


Then add the black circles to the eye.


Here are our finished turtles. I added a mouth with a black marker. (Don’t tell Brylee they look like aliens now 😐 LOL). I am not sure how we are going to assemble them together yet. I might attach them to a string and hang them as a banner (more turtles would be so cute), attach them to the front of her dresser, or possibly just hang them on the wall or her door. We shall see. Brylee will probably just want to play with them anyway…


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