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Valentine’s Day Treat’s: Heart Ice Cubes

Are you getting sick of my Valentine’s Day posts yet? I hope not because they are going to keep coming for a while. It’s one of my favorite holidays! Brylee and I made some fun heart-shaped (milk) ice cubes the other day. We had so much fun.


This time we just used milk and red food coloring. I may try this again with strawberries blended with milk (or even strawberry syrup for an added sweetness).


This was probably Brylee’s favorite part of the whole process. She couldn’t get over that she was changing the color of the milk.


After carefully stirring the milk, she used a siphon (from this kit) to transfer the milk to the mold. (I found the mold at Hobby Lobby for $3 in the cake decorating section after striking out at both Target and Wal-Mart).


After they were filled, I waited for all the bubbles to pop so they wouldn’t freeze weird. I froze them all afternoon and they were ready by supper time (about 3-4 hours). Once frozen completely, I transferred them to a ziplock bag for easy access.


When we were ready to use them, I just filled up a cup with regular white milk and plopped a few “ice cubes” in and Brylee loved it. She had red hearts in her milk and once they melted her milk turned pink.



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