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Valentine’s Day Treat’s: Trail Mix

Brylee is super excited about Valentine’s Day this year (mostly because her favorite color is red) and she even volunteered to help me out in the kitchen creating our V-Day treats.


This is such a fun and easy snack. You can basically use whatever you have in your cupboard to make it. We used m&m’s, marshmallows, honey graham and chocolate Goldfish. Last year we added peanuts and raisins. You can use whatever ratios you want. I grabbed out a 1/2 cup measuring cup for Brylee to use. Eventually she decided pouring was easier.


Don’t mind our peppermint marshmallows (they are leftover from Christmas…) but at least they are pink!


Once everything was (very loosely) measured, Brylee added them all to a bigger bowl.


Taste testing as she went because you are supposed to taste after each addition while cooking right;)


Next Brylee shook it up.


And the taste test…




What are your favorite trail mix add-ins? Check back tomorrow for another fun Valentine’s Day treat that we made!


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