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Perfectly Scrambled Eggs

Whenever I post a breakfast post with scrambled eggs, I always get asked how I make them so fluffy. I have finally perfected making them and did a quick post on Instagram Stories but did a post for easy access anytime.

Step 1: Crack your eggs into a small bowl. I usually do three for me and Brylee to share and it is just the right amount. I sometimes add a splash of milk or small dollop of sour cream if I have any on hand. I have had a lot of people tell me they use cottage cheese and its delicious. Sometimes I will add shredded cheddar cheese to ours as well. (This is the whisk I use.)

Step 2: Whisk until the eggs are combined together.


Step 3: Preheat pan over medium heat. I use a nonstick pan when I make eggs.

Step 4: Once the pan is heated melt a little bit of butter in the pan to help it from sticking.

Step 5: Add eggs to pan and let start to cook.

Step 6:  Once the eggs start cooking on the bottom, slowly move them away from the edges (like making an omelet).

Step 7: Keep stirring the eggs once they start cooking This process will only take a few seconds before the eggs are completely cooked.

Step 8: Once eggs are fully cooked (no longer slimy/runny), remove from heat immediately and transfer to a plate.

Step 9: Enjoy. *Side note-these eggs had sour cream added to them. If you use just a tiny amount you can’t taste the “sour cream flavor” you just get really creamy and fluffy eggs!

And for those wondering, the bamboo set is from Avanchy found on Amazon here. PS is anyone else jealous of the amazing toddler servingware options?

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