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Bundled Gifts and Stocking Stuffers {2016}

I put together a list of bundle gift ideas and stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.

For the coffee lover-I want that cold press maker!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker/Contigo Travel Mugs/Eco Jars Coffee System/Mason Bar Lids

For anyone who loves bubble baths (especially kiddos!):

Tubby Todd/Wash With Water/Hot Tot HairCare/Pleni Naturals

Some fun accessories to go with the bubble baths above:

Nuby Rinse Pail/4 Moms Spout Cover/SoapSox/Dino Towel

Aren’t these pajamas the cutest. You can find a link to the whole family below.


Does anyone else get excited about stuff like this? I know I do #adultlife

Dryer balls/laundry detergent/Soul Shine Soap soapscription-how cool is that!/Murchison-Hume cleaners (get the Original Fig!)

Stocking Stuffers:

Some of our favorite toddler meal time accessories. They should fit perfectly in the stocking!

FunBites/Pick-Ease/Constructive Eating/Neat Cheeks

Shaving Cream/Razor/Sleep Mask/Socks

Sunglasses/Magnetic Blocks

And last but not least a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone!

Coal Soap

*Post may contain affiliate links. Pictures are from linked sources.

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