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Hip Chick Farms {End Pink Slime Campaign}

*This is a sponsored post by Hip Chick Farms. All opinions are my own.*

A few weeks ago Hip Chick Farms reached out to us to see if we wanted to help them promote their End Pink Slime campaign and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. We have tried their chicken nuggets in the past and loved them. This time we tried their chicken fingers and chicken meatballs.

Let me fill you in on what Hip Chick Farms is. You may recognize them from CNBC Power Pitch and West Texas Investors Club. They are a Bay area based company, founded by Serafina Palandech and her partner Jennifer Johnson, that brings great tasting organic poultry products to time challenged families seeking convenient real food based on trusted ingredients. Hip Chick Farms products are organic, non-GMO, natural, wholesome real food from start to finish.  They use free-range, air-chilled chicken from select farmer that is humanely raised. Hip Chick Farms is distributed widely through Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target and multiple grocery stores across the U.S. You can find where it’s carried here. Chef Jen has even cooked for President Obama at a private dinner during a visit to San Francisco.  After eating her meal, President Obama asked her to guest Chef at the White House!!

Now I’m going to get 100% real with you. Dustin and I are SUPER picky about the meat we eat. We only buy our ground beef from a butcher shop (and very specific ones at that) because we do not want any cartilage or bone fragments in it. I’m always the lucky one who gets the hard piece… I also HATE buying frozen chicken nuggets (even some so-called tenders) from the freezer section at the grocery store because I know it’s not real meat. It’s all just chicken by-products and you can tell because its mushed together…


I also don’t like buying frozen meatballs for that same reason and honestly I have never bought chicken meatballs before so I was a little skeptical trying these. I wasn’t sure what to expect-especially taste wise. I made them for lunch for Brylee and I one day half expecting them to be bland and half expecting hard pieces. Let me tell you neither of those things happened. We ate our meatballs plain and they had so much flavor. The seasonings are right on. These would be amazing for spaghetti and meatballs and I bet Dustin wouldn’t even be able to tell they were made from chicken! Plus they were fully cooked so they took less than 15 minutes to bake.


Since we tried and LOVED the meatballs, I was excited to try the tenders out. I saw on a HCF video that they use the actual breast, not the leftover chicken by-products, like other companies do. As soon as I cut up Brylee’s tender I could tell it was real meat. It was like I slaved all day in the kitchen making homemade chicken strips but I didn’t have the mess and it only took me 15 minutes to heat them up! #momwin


Brylee has been known to speak her mind, like most three year olds do. She called me out the other day for putting her Elf on the Shelf in the bathroom because no toys are allowed in there even thought it was all Rosey….

Anyway she was eating the chicken strip and she informed me “dat chicken is weally gooooood!” and I agree, it is really good. We will definitely be buying it more often!


If you would like to taste the difference for yourself, Ibotta has a coupon right now for Hip Chick Farms. Also head over to my Instagram for a chance to win some HCF swag and coupons for free products.

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