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Advent Calendar {2016}

I decided to start an Advent Calendar this year along with our Elf and 25 books of Christmas. Since we don’t have an Advent Calendar yet and I plan on doing activities instead of just opening up a box for a piece of candy, I decided to make our own. I was going to buy one but decided this would be more personal and fun. I picked up everything from the Target dollar spot and ended up costing less that $12 to make. The gift tags are actually envelopes so I can write our activity inside each one and reuse them again next year.

Here is our Advent Calendar Idea List (this list does correspond with what our Elf Rosey is up to as well as the “National Days of December”:

  1. Go to the Festival of Lights/Tree Lighting in our town.
  2. Pick out a new ornament and get a pretzel from the mall (this was a tradition I did as a kid).
  3. Family Game Night
  4. Bake Christmas Cookies (National Cookie Day)
  5. Go Sledding (which may be changed to a different day because we don’t have snow yet:|) (we may have to alternate with watch the Reindeer Cam) We are also putting our shoes out for St Nicholas Day.
  6. St Nicholas Day-Get candy in shoes.
  7. Write out Christmas List
  8. Visit Santa and Drop off Christmas list as Macy’s
  9. Make red and green homemade play-doh.
  10. Go to a winter wonderland in our town.
  11. Go Christmas Shopping
  12. Make/Decorate Gingerbread house (National Gingerbread House Day)
  13. Have a hot cocoa date (National Cocoa Day)
  14. Make Snow Cream (again dependent on snow)
  15. Make a  red and green themed meal.
  16. Donate to Children’s Hospital/Toys for Tots
  17. Drive around and look at Christmas lights (we have already done this and will probably do it more than once!)
  18. Watch a Christmas Movie
  19. Call Santa (I found this number online but haven’t tried it yet 951-262-3062)
  20. Do a random act of kindness.
  21. Make paper snowflakes.
  22. Drop off a surprise package for a friend.
  23. Make reindeer food.
  24. Watch the movie that the Elf brought/ set out cookies and reindeer food for Santa/the reindeer.
“No Place Like Home for the Holidays” sign

Are you doing an Advent Calendar? What kind of fun things are you doing?

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