Freshly Picked Moccasins

Have you heard of Freshly Picked moccasins? They are our favorite!! Brylee has been wearing them since she was about six months old. She started in size 3 and now she is in size 9 (10 in the hard sole’s) and I’m a little sad because the new moccs only go up to size 7. #timeforanotherbaby

Honestly though, these moccasins are the best (to give you an idea of how great they are, Freshly Picked has 700,000 followers on Instagram!!) They have collaborated with a lot of amazing people and companies including Ayesha Curry and Stance. I mean how great are those collaborations?!

Here are a few things to know about Freshly Picked:

  1. They were created by Susan Peterson, a mom who was frustrated by the lack of well-designed baby shoes for her son Gus. She started the company with a piece of scrap leather on her kitchen table. Her company has grown a lot over the last seven years and even appeared on Shark Tank! (Read more of her story here).
  2. They only have about two sales a year and TODAY!!! (Tuesday) is one of them. Moccasins are 25% off until 10am MST Wednesday!!
  3. They come out with a new collection every so often so if you see a moccasin you love BUY it because it may not be there long!
  4. They have cleaning kits to keep your moccasins looking brand new. (I highly recommend these! They make our mocc’s look brand new!)
  5. The best thing about Freshly Picked? Once your kiddo starts walking in them, tiny little foot prints show up on the bottoms. This is seriously my favorite part of them. Talk about a member preserver!
  6. They now make a Hard Sole Mocc and we love them. They are perfect for winter especially for older toddlers.

Here’s some of my current favorites!

Golden Honey






Geo Rose
Punk Princess
Skate Grip


Greatest Snow on Earth
Newborn Heirloom Cream and Gold
Newborn Weathered Brown


And probably my all time favorite moccasin (and it’s still in stock and in bigger sizes!!)



And because I know we all love giveaways, we are giving away a pair of moccs on Instagram!! Be sure to head over there and enter!

*This is a sponsored post. I was given a pair of moccasins to review in exchange for my opinion. All views are my own.

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