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25 Day’s of Christmas: Book Edition

This Christmas,we are starting a few new traditions now that Brylee is at a great age for really getting into the holiday spirit.  An Elf is coming, we have a packed Advent Calendar full of fun activities (I will share both soon!) and Brylee gets to open up a wrapped book every day until Christmas, starting December 1st.


I saw the book idea floating around on Pinterest and in the blogosphere and figured Brylee was old enough this year to really understand it, plus what kid wouldn’t want to open a present every day for 25 days!! Since books are expensive, especially when you need so many, I decided to just wrap books that we already owned that Brylee hasn’t read in a while. I think maybe five of them are Christmas, the rest are just regular books. {We just pulled these books out of storage so Brylee hasn’t seen them in about a year so they are like new books to her anyway.} That being said, the last time we went to Target I couldn’t stop myself from buying “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” although Brylee kept asking where the Grinch was because he wasn’t green. If you were really adamant of doing only Christmas books but don’t want to buy new books, borrow some from the library. That would be a fun way of finding/reading new books. (Also check and see if you live in an area that Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library services! They send out a new book every month for FIVE years!! Kohl’s also sells some great books for $5 [and the money raised goes to a great cause!])


(Don’t mind the dark lighting on these pictures-I had to do it after Brylee was in bed at night because she seems to think she is too cool for naps now, ugh! #momlife).

So like I said, we just found different books that we had (complete list below) and I wrapped them all in the same wrapping paper.


Here is our list:

  1.  The Story of Jesus
  2.  Corduroy
  3.  Little Loon and Papa
  4.  Your Kind of Mommy
  5.  Pouch!
  6.   Sleep Baby Sleep
  7.  Little Pink Pup
  8.  The Night Before Christmas
  9.  Charlie Brown Christmas
  10.  Green Eggs and Ham
  11. The Cat in the Hat
  12.  Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
  13.  I Can Read With My Eye’s Shut!
  14. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
  15.  Dr Seuss ABC
  16.  First Prayers
  17.  If I Could Keep You Little
  18.  What Makes a Rainbow
  19.  Jake at Gymnastics (I actually omitted this one because I realized I only needed 24 books because you can’t do the Night before Christmas on Christmas!)
  20.  What do You do With an Idea
  21.   Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See?
  22.  Dr. Suess’s Sleep Book
  23.  Curious George Visits the Zoo
  24.  The Very Busy Spider
  25. Brylee’s Night Before Christmas (Seriously everyone needs this book! You customize it with your city/state/names of family members. We need to order a new one with our updated info since we moved!)


I eventually plan on adding these books to our Christmas book collection:
Pirate’s Night Before Christmas (because Brylee is obsessed with pirates!)
Olivia Helps with Christmas
Merry Christmas Olivia
Splat the Cat Christmas Countdown
Charlie and the Christmas Kitty (#becauseReeDrummond
Home Alone
Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List

Ok give me every holiday book and I’ll be a happy camper!


I wasn’t sure how to label the books once I wrapped them. Originally I just had a number written on the back so I could space the Christmas ones throughout the month and so that on the 24th we opened Brylee’s Night Before Christmas.


Then we went to Target and I found these Advent stickers in the dollar section and I knew they would be perfect for the books especially since Brylee can recognize most numbers. That and they totally matched the wrapping paper!!


And just because, some pictures from when we set up the tree! The day after Halloween…


OK so tell me. Is this something you have done in the past or is it something you would consider doing? Do you think your kids would enjoy it? What other Christmas books am I missing?

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