Fall Picture’s (3 yr)

A few weeks ago, Brylee and I snuck out to take some fall pictures next to a corn field and the timing couldn’t have been better because the next day the farmers combined it down.  Since it was just Brylee and I, I think I got about 10 decent photos and the rest are Brylee, well just being Brylee. She sure does have a fun personality though.

I plan on using some of these photos for our Christmas card. How is Christmas less than 7 weeks away? 2016 has been a LONG year but it has definitely flown by. Anyway prepare for picture overload.

Outfit Sources:
Vest (similar)
Jeans (similar)


Ugh, this picture. She is getting good at sticking her tongue out and I am not very pleased about it. Why are threenagers great at testing your patience. Probably the reason that wine was invented…


Brylee is obsessed with rocks. She will pick them up where ever we are and stick them in her pockets. Dustin loves finding them all over the floors of the vehicles and I love finding them in the washing machine. She does have a nice little collection in her cup holder in her car seat though.


Happy Fall, even though we are completely decorated for Christmas!

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