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Jungle 2 Jungle (Safari Birthday)

We had a safari themed second birthday for Brylee. We figured Jungle “2” Jungle was the perfect thing to call it. It was such a fun birthday to plan and prepare. I started by preparing the gift bags with a few fun safari/jungle themed things. The bag and sucker are both from Party City, the water bottle and silly putty were both Micheal’s clearance finds and the NeatCheeks wipes can be found here.

Aren’t those balloons just the cutest?

We also had zebra cakes for the adults that came-because no one wants to leave a party empty handed #amiright?!

The next table was the start of the line with plates, silverware and drinks. I made the “Happy Birthday” banner for Brylee’s first birthday on my cri-cut before decided to quit working on me. (I am currently debating whether or not I want another Cri-Cut or a Silhouette to replace it with. Any recommendations?)

I picked up the plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree. The cups were from Sam’s and the straws can be found here.

You can’t really see in this picture but between the drink containers there is a pineapple top as a decoration. Since we were going to be eating pineapple anyway, this was a free decoration that totally fit with the theme!

For drinks we had “Parrot Juice” (Green Hi-C) and “Jungle Juice” (Iced Tea).


On the table next to the drinks we had the food. We had “Snake Subs” which Erbert and Gerbert’s generously provided for us (seriously the best subs ever!). I just arranged the subs in the shape of a snake. We also had “Hungry Hippo Dip” with different fresh veggies and ranch dip.


Next to the sandwich table we had the sides. In case if you can’t tell, every food has to have a fun name. We had:

“Snake Eggs”-green grapes

“Twigs”- pretzel rods

“Monkey Dip”-Snicker dip with animal crackers (#dontmindtherandompretzelinthedip)

“Lion Teeth”- Pineapple chunks

“Dried Ants”-raisins

“Tiger Poop”- black and orange sixlets

“Vines”-Green licorice

“Zebra Tails”-Black and white striped suckers

“Alligator Toes”-Pickle slices

“Beetle Wings”-Potato Chips


Next to the side’s table, I put some water bottles that I covered in duct tape in some ice and called it a “Watering Hole”

This year I decided to save some time (and some stress) and I had the local grocery store decorate the cupcakes (I also ordered cookies but they never made it out for the party). These were so much fun and made for a great end to the party.

We also put up safari animal balloons as decorations.

I also bought a bunch of plastic animals to set on the table to go with the theme. Brylee still plays with these today, so well worth the price of them.

Brylee’s second birthday was such a fun day! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

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