Bryleeism’s: 1

Ever since Brylee started talking, she has been saying some pretty hilarious things. I decided to start a series called Bryleeism’s to document the funny things that she says.

Dustin’s razor was sitting on the bathroom countertop after he got done shaving.
Brylee: “What’s that thing called?”
Me: “That’s a razor.”
Brylee: “You mean a hairbrush for daddy’s chin!”

Brylee has a new “mummy” toy.
Brylee: “What is this called?”
Me: “That’s a mummy.”
B: “But he has toilet paper…”
M: “That’s just what mummy’s look like.”
Guess what the mummy’s name is now?!

Right after putting Brylee’s hair into pigtails:
Brylee: “Here, this blue hair clip is falling out.”
Hands me the clip.
Me: “OK, leave the other one alone though!”
As she pulls the other one out:
B: “Here, this one is falling out too!”
(She pulled them both out!!!)

Brylee: “I told you not to play with that toy! Only girls!😠
Me: “But I am a girl…”
B: “No, you’re a mommy!”

While driving around:
Brylee: “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Drive me to Chuck. E. Cheese!”

Brylee: “Color with me. Here color this!”
I color a tiny star but miss a few points because the marker is too big.
B: “Now color here and here”-while pointing to the points that I missed on the star..
I attempt to but it isn’t working the best, then Brylee goes,
“Ugh just give it to me” and colors them in.

While sitting in the truck, Brylee notices some change sitting in the cup holder.
Brylee: “Can I have the monies?”
Me: “No, leave them alone.”
B: ” Why? Are they daddy’s car wash monies?”
M: “Yes.”
B: “Only girls should have monies. No boys! Right mommy?!”
M: “I agree!”

Brylee had her first bad dream 😢:
Brylee– “Can I tell you something?” As she sits up in bed.
Me-“What’s up?!”
B– Twirls the back of her hair “You were doing this” starts to get teary eyed “and then you ran away from me!”

Brylee to her stuffed animals-
“What are you guys talking about? ….Me?!”
I look at her funny😕
Brylee: “What?!”

Brylee: “Look at my ring.”
Shows me a plastic ring that was a cupcake topper.
Me: “Oh pretty, what’s on it?”
B: “Princesses, see like this”
*does a princess wave*

Brylee watching the Lion Guard one morning:
“Oh the Lion Guard. I love the lion guard! It has lots of animals on it. A lion, a hippo, a bird, another talking thing, another talking thing and another talking thing!!”
Me: chuckles
Brylee completely serious: “What’s so funny?”

One day I was trying to get Brylee to fall asleep for a nap (sometimes I have to sit by her until she falls asleep other wise she is in and out of bed 2342342 times and never actually ends up napping.
I thought she was almost asleep when she suddenly jolts up out of bed:
“The tooth fairy is going to come and bring me cookies!!!”
Lifts up her pillow and shows me the Dora towel she left under it in exchange!!
With a big smirk “Pretty cool, huh?”

There’s a crow cawing outside:
Brylee: “Caw bird!”
Crow caws again.
Brylee: “Nu-Uh, bird, caw!”
Me: “OK, Brylee, crawl into your car seat so we can go”
Brylee crawls in pleased that the crow finally listened to her.
Crow caws again.
Brylee: “Oh no! Nu-huh!” *Does a hand wave back and forth* “Outta my way” *climbs out of car* “No way bird! CAW🙅🏼!” *climbs back in car*
Me: dead😂😂😂

Brylee has been sitting in the recliner for the last 10 minutes with the foot rest out. She ties to put it down but it doesn’t go.
Brylee: “Hey, I hate this chair!!”
Me: “um”😳

Brylee found a bag of m&m’s on the counter.
Me: “No, Brylee you can’t have those it’s almost time for supper”
Brylee: with a little attitude and slightly dirty look- “Ya Huh!”
Me: “Keep it up and you will go to time out”
Brylee: “No-you go to time out!”
I play along while she takes me over to go stand in the time out spot down the hall…
She then very sneakily walks back over to the m&m’s, all while taking glances back at me to make sure I’m “facing the wall” and not watching her attempt to sneak the m&m’s.

Dustin and Brylee were in the bedroom closet organizing one morning while I was in the kitchen (nowhere near them). All of a sudden Brylee starts crying. I come over to see what’s up. I asked Brylee why she was crying thinking she was scolded for not listening….
Me-“Brylee, What’s wrong? Why are you crying?!”
Brylee– in between sobs “Because mommy’s happy.”
And then she snapped out of it and went back to her normal self. #loveher

What are some funny things your kids have said?

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