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Italian Sodas

When I was younger, my mom used to take me on a mother/daughter date to a place called the Urban Stampede (kind of a hipster coffee shop), but we didn’t go there for the coffee-we went there for the Italian Sodas. Over the years, I totally forgot about them and then one day I saw something that made me remember these amazing concoctions.


Here is what you will need:


Club Soda

Half and Half

Fruit Flavored Syrup

**Side note: I looked at EVERY SINGLE grocery store (including Wal-Mart and Target) where I live and could not find the fruit flavored syrups. It finally dawned on me to check the coffee shop and I snagged this from Caribou for a bottle at a great price. So check the coffee shops first for a better assortment! Also the ‘daily pure’ kind of half and half curdles from the citric acid in the syrup-so don’t use those for this drink.


These are super easy to make but they taste so good!

Here’s what you do:

Add ice to your glass. Fill it all the way to the top because you want your drink to stay cold. My cup is a pint size mason jar.



Fill your glass 1/4 full with flavored syrup.



Next add Club Soda, filling your glass almost full.



Finally add a splash of half and half.



Give it a good stir and enjoy. As soon as I took a sip, it instantly brought me back to that time in my life. It was as good as I remembered and now I can make them at home for a fraction of the price.


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