New Beginnings

A few years ago I started our old blog. It started as a way to remember all of Brylee’s milestones and I will always love it for that. Recently though I fell off the blogging bandwagon and just didn’t feel like that blog was us anymore. I had about 15 drafts (some over a year old) waiting to be published. I felt like it was more of a chore to get done than a passion. I didn’t know which direction I wanted my blog to go and felt like none of the content I wanted to post fit with the direction my blog had gone. I eventually started a new blog with recipes and posts from Brylee’s toddler meals. I quickly found that jumping between two different blogs and many different social media sites was worse than where I started. I needed a fresh start somehow!


Late one night, as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, something in me sparked and I decided to merge all of my accounts and start a brand new blog! Once that happened, I had to decided on a name, one that would fit us and make sense to where we are now. I had a few name combinations and finally decided on “Pigtails and Lattes” because you will always find Brylee in pigtails and coffee in my hand (well ‘blended turtle mocha’s’ from Caribou Coffee but that seemed too long 😛 ). I am actually really excited about this change. I feel the creativity in me starting again already!

This way its fresh and new and I can post whatever I want and not feel like it didn’t flow with the rest. This is also my first time blogging and “WordPress” and I already love the change.

Hopefully this blog will be a fun new change where I can focus on fun new content and projects. I can’t wait to share this new journey with you all!

Here is a link to all of our new social media accounts, we would love to have you follow along!


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